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Consultants & Advisors
Dan Coerber - Owner, Lead Consultant

Dan Coerber started independent consulting in 2002 and has worked with organizations around the globe to help them find success in all areas - from business development and marketing, to finance analytics, IT specialization, business development, structure, fundraising, strategy, regulatory compliance, and leadership development.  Dan works with companies in multiple sectors including private, public, and NGOs in the United States and Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, with a focus on the power of collaboration and team empowerment.  Overall, his passion is to take finance and operations data, develop analysis frameworks to share, collaborate with stakeholders; and then using the data, analysis, and collaboration to develop actionable plans and goals for the future.  


Dan has earned degrees and/or certifications from the University of Liverpool, Regent University, and Stanford University, achieving a Masters in Business Administration in the US and a Masters in Research Methods in the UK.  He has lived, consulted, and studied both in the US and Europe.  Dan works directly with clients in roles ranging from advisory to executive, and finds greatest fulfillment in helping teams find success at all levels.

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Sarah Hertwig - International Relations Consultant

Sarah Hertwig is a professional in writing, publishing, blogging, and international relations.  She has studied and worked in the US, UK, and EU, and has found a niche in bridging cultural divides / promoting intercultural understanding through writing and communications.   Sarah is fluent in English and German, and can help Vasilis clients in all areas of communication development and cultural sensitivity in message and outreach.  

Varand Abrahamian - Technology Consultant

Varand Abrahamian has held various professional managing roles in technology and has worked with companies around the globe.  Varand provides consulting on technology platforms including website development, communications, business analytics - including R and Python, and all manner of standard and/or proprietary technology implementations.  In addition, Varand is an expert in security and focuses on discovering vulnerabilities on all e-platforms.  Varand has been instrumental in working on a transnational project developing a proprietary service application for Android/iOS that can be used to assist passengers in airport environments and can advise Vasilis clients regarding any organisational technology need.

Liz Reckart - Digital Marketing Advisor

In the 21st Century, Digital Marketing is the key to growth and development of virtually any organisation.  Particularly as the world changes with Covid-19 and the related challenges to brick and mortar establishments, Liz is able to help companies find their voice, focus, and target whether locally or internationally.  Liz has extensive experience working with private companies, NGOs, and several sectarian organizations.  She runs a consulting firm in Los Angeles and advises Vasilis on helping companies market into the digital age.

Nathan Sheets - NGO Advisor

Nathan Sheets has spent his career working to develop and strengthen NGOs in their drive to assist those in need.  Whether the unhoused, the down-and-out, or those forgotten by society, Nathan works to ensure they have a voice and advocacy in government and culture.  Nathan specialises in fundraising - particularly in securing international Foundation funds, representing the NGO to City, State, and Federal governments, the full administration of these organisations, as well as lobbying for laws and rights to support the NGOs targets.  Nathan has lived and worked in the US and UK and can advise Vasilis and clients in all areas mentioned above - both in the US and globally.

John Claudell, J.D. - Tax Law Advisor

John Claudell is an expert in US Tax law for virtually all areas of business operations.  As an attorney, John is able to represent clients to governmental authorities.  And, with his expertise in US tax law, is able to assist organizations in crafting financial strategies in all areas of revenue and tax management.  Although he specialises in small businesses, John and his practice works with companies of any size.  John is a trusted Vasilis advisor and is available to assist Vasilis clients navigate complicated US tax law.

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