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Below is a summary of services Vasilis offers.  Contact us for more information on any of the below!

Business Development
Functional Analysis
Vasilis Specialties

- Lead your team to new business wins in or out of the RFP Process (from start to finish) by determining contract costs, creating profit margin calculating tools, creating marketing strategies, messages, and bid materials – and representing our clients at interviews/presentations.


- IT and Technology strategy, sourcing, and implementation for cost savings and process improvements.


- Strengthen current relationships through innovation, technology implementation, and increased service offerings. 


- Analyze market trends and subsequently target new business opportunities.  Perform financial and viability studies on  prospective organizations who would provide services, seek a partnership, or are an acquisition target.


- Technical writing for manuals, proposals, marketing materials, executive communications, as needed.


- Analyze business processes at every level of the organization to determine where to implement best practices – all in an effort to improve efficiency and the bottom line.

- Strategy Management: build/structure decision-making processes, financial metrics, staffing picks, Internet presence - including SEO, and translating vision into procedures in order to achieve new business, cost efficiency, savings, and growth.


- Finance analysis and forecasting - focus on ROI, EBITDA, unit productivity, and overall revenue and margin development strategy based on the numbers.  Additionally creating tools in Excel and other advanced databases to help stakeholders understand/access information in real-time.

- Create models to perform complex cost and revenue modeling to help clients price the most competitively and precisely compute profit margins, rate of return, and accurate forecasting.


- Develop operations and administrative development plans for companies of any size.  Determine areas of potential risk and reward.


- Assess the organizational chart to ensure the right mix of positions, placement of personnel, and staff evaluation programs to ensure the greatest efficiency.


- Collaborate with the staff to train and discover the "power of team."

- Evaluate all contract agreements and service agreements.


- Full front-line operations analysis and build/rebuild.

- Organizations and Metrics Consulting

- Deep Finance Analysis and Forecasting

- Business Development, Planning, Strategy


- Qualitative and Quantitative Study Development


- Technology Needs Analysis + Implementation


- Revenue Growth & EBITDA Optimization


- Business Analytics


- Staff position/role assessment


- Marketing Strategy - global


- M & A


- Team leading & building; Org chart analysis


- Finance/budgeting/pricing: forecasting, compliance, analysis, auditing and building


- RFP Response, Proposal Writing, Proposal Interviews, technical writing


- Contracts Writing & negotiating


- Executive management


- International Business


- Best Practices Analysis

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